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The term custom motorcycle comes originally from the English verb to customize, which refers to the personalization of something that was created in a number of industrial and impersonal. In this case define a type of motorcycle that offers the possibility of customization and modification according to the tastes of the owner, (starting almost always a model of classic or “retro”), so that the motorcycle ends up being a reflection of the personality and beauty of the person who possesses it.

A custom Harley Davidson customizadaLas appeared as such in terms of the amendment was popularized by the users of its motorcycles (mainly U.S. trademarks Harley Davidson and Indian), after the end of the Second World War. Today, virtually all motorcycle manufacturers have a range of custom bikes and a catalog of parts for customization. The movement has had such an impact over the decades, which has created a parallel industry of bike builders and creators of a dedicated motorcycle from scratch.

It is by origin that do not usually lose custom stale taste and aesthetics of classic motorcycle original model that gave rise to this style, and there is usually a feeling of attraction between the lovers of classic custom. The brand really has kept most committed to this resistance to progress in their models, it is certainly Harley Davidson, which still retains many of the ingredients that make their motorcycles are considered legendary among the custom.

Custom motorcycle riders often do transcend the possession and use their machines until, in many cases, make it a lifestyle. This is also influenced by the existence of infinitely many groups and clubs Customs users who enjoy riding together, attending and organizing events or gatherings related to your passion and sharing knowledge and accessories to personalize their bikes. In many cases these groups are real guilds or families firmly consolidated and prioritized, as is the case of type Motoclubs “MC.”

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