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A motorcycle, commonly known by the abbreviation Castilian bike is a two-wheeled vehicle powered by a motor that drives the rear wheel. The frame and wheels are the fundamental structure of the vehicle. The guideline is the front wheel.

The motorcycle can carry two people, three if they are equipped with sidecar.

History [edit] U.S. Sylvestre Howard Roper (1823-1896) invented a two-cylinder steam (powered by coal) in 1867. This can be considered the first motorcycle, if it allows the description of a motorcycle includes a steam engine.

Replica of the Daimler-Maybach.Wilhelm Reitwagen Maybach and Gottlieb Daimler built a bike box and four wooden wheels and internal combustion engine in 1885. Its speed was 18 km / h the engine develops 0.5 hp.

Gottlieb Daimler used a new engine invented by engineer Nikolaus August Otto. First Otto invented the internal combustion engine four-stroke in 1876. He called it “Otto Cycle Engine” and as soon as completed, Daimler (a former employee of Otto) made him a motorcycle that some historians consider the first in history. In 1894 Hildebrand and Wolfmüller presented in Munich’s first mass-produced motorcycle and light commercial purposes. The Wolfmüller Hildebrand and remained in production until 1897.Los Eisenstein Russian brothers Michel and Eugene Werner rode a motor bike. The initial model with the engine on the front wheel began manufacturing in 1897.

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    I was just looking to fix my Aprilia Scarabeo 150 and tried to dl the free service manual but just got deadended ie: nothing happened. Not sure how to follow through on this.


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