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“Captain America”, a Harley Davidson Panhead, alluding to the movie Easy RiderShow Bike: These bikes are typically created for the sole purpose of submission to contests where coaches are rewarded for their works. They are usually not intended to be used as a vehicle but it is always required that the bikes pull up and are able to function properly as far as the end of the day are: motorcycles. In many cases, are the manufacturers of parts for the Customs and sculptures created by these trailers to promote their products, just as fashion designers to create dresses for the runway only.
Special Construction: Does your boom at the beginning of the XXI century a new trend which has emerged in countries like Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Japan and especially South Africa. The structure complies with standard inclination of 38 to 42 + 3 degrees in the post, depending on the model to be developed. This aspect does not take as a base stock motorcycle (no make or model of origin, except engine), and instead builds the motorcycle in its entirety, starting with the chassis, which is custom-made. It shows the evolution of bikes, as special constructions are designed to look at the events but also to move, for what they have to comply with international regulations such as the builder has to comply strictly with legislation such as SAE and have a WFI (World Manufacturer’s Identification), as though they are unique motorcycles must meet international standards of quality and safety. The production is traditional yet as it is developed piece by piece each part of the motorcycle. Companies like East Coast Choppers Australia AU are pioneers in Oceania and companies like Motorcycle Beey Mexico are pioneers in Latin America to start this production in which they invest about 4 months to produce each motorcycle, incorporating innovations such as fuel tanks of stainless steel made hand, also in stainless steel exhausts, etc. The main objective of these motorcycles is to preserve the foundations of the movement, so a faithful ally of rock blues and freedom while ensuring that you are unique and so is your bike. These bikes are made in the above-mentioned styles Chopper and Pro Street, mainly with rear tires ranging from 250 to 360 millimeters, and engines with capacity of 120 hp and 124 lb torque, with an engine capacity of developing 300 km / h (Screaming Eagle 2000 cc engine). Its main competition is called the World Championship of Custom Motorcycle Builders which brings together the major builders of this line of custom motorcycles to show and compete, developing creativity and functionality of these machines always spectacular. However, these motorcycles are generally not available to everyone, because the cost of such work is often prohibitive, not only for the exclusivity of the project’s engineer, the time spent by individual craftsmen and equipment mechanics, used materials (top quality) but also by the bureaucratic infrastructure necessary to put one of these wonders on the road legally and the amount of legal procedures that must be overcome for approval.

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